Nano Liquid Glass Clear Screen Protector

Gecko Gear
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SKU GG750025
Suits Screens up to 30"
Material Liquid glass

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Pure Glass Protection for Any Screen
Gecko Liquid Glass screen protector is a truly revolutionary product that contains pure, particle free, Silicon Dioxide (Si02) which means that it contains "pure glass". It doesn't become "glass"until it's allowed to dry.

  • Superior 9H Hardness Rating
    Ultra-protective, scratch resistant,high density liquid glass.
  • Silicon Dioxide - SiO2
    Contains “pure glass”. The glass is in a molecular form and is held in a liquid.
  • Optimal Screen Visibility
    Ultra-clear for retina display clarity.
  • Anti bacterial Nano-coating
    Keeps it hygienic as it contains an anti bacterial formula.

  • Note: Your device's screen may still break whilst Liquid Glass is in use.

Screens up to 30"
Liquid glass